How to Find Genuine Reviews of E Juice to Help you Make the Right Purchase


How to find genuine reviews of e juice to help you make the right purchase

Will you be buying e juice online in the future, but want to read reviews first to make sure you are shopping at the right online shop and buying the right product?


Have you also heard that many of the reviews online are not genuine, but instead are written by store owners about their own products, or by rival sellers trying to destroy the competition?


If so, you will want to know how to find genuine reviews to help you make the right decision with your purchase of e juice. Here are a couple of tips that may help.


Look at the review length – Fake reviews tend to be really short. Look for the longer reviews, and chances are you are reading one of the genuine ones.


Read the language used – Fake reviews tend to be over the top with the language the use, using words like ‘fabulous’, ‘incredible’ and ‘the best thing I ever bought’. If the language used in the review you are reading seems to be too good to be true, it probably is.


Do they talk about how it affected other people? – If a review goes on and on about how their ‘boyfriend loved it’ or ‘my mother thought it was the best thing she had ever bought’, it usually means the review is a fake.


If someone has bought a product and likes it, they will usually review it as coming from themselves not from a boyfriend, a sister, a mother or an aunt.


Are they a new reviewer? –- If you are reading the review on a site that has many reviews for lots of different products, you can often tell if a reviewer is fake from how many other reviews they have written.


If the one you are reading is the only review they have written, and it sounds very elaborate, it is more than likely a fake review and the e juice they talk about buying is not something they ever did.